Sunday, February 26, 2012

It feels like I'm on fire.

Bored Straight broke up. Dragged through a mega-hot scorcher of a final tour. We're talkin' 100+ degrees for like a weeks straight. Us Midwestern pencil-necks aren't used to that kinda rays. Played a triumphant last show in July. Who played? I can't remember. Holy Shit did. Leather? Self Interest? Pretty sure that's how it went. Fuck, I'm getting old. Memory's slipping.

Skip forward some months. Bored Straight's been practicing. 2 new songs. More to come. A couple Comp. appearances coming up. 3 shows coming. Milwaukee and Chicago with Libyans and some sort of Fest here in Milwaukee in April. Nothing feels like playing in a hardcore band with 3 of your best friends. It's unreal and I can't find anything to match it.

Days after "the breakup," I had my first practice with what became Lamb's Legs. So off the wall. It's a totally different approach than I've ever taken. We "jam." Sounds gross, I know. But it's the most organic way to work it out. We all do our part. Band as collective, it always seemed like fiction to me. It's not.

We're 2 shows deep in the Lamb's Legs lore. People seem to dig it. I'm glad because I thought it may be too odd. Too many influence pulling from all over. Too much reliance on people having taste. But I guess I underestimate the surrounders sometimes.

Lamb's Legs is an art form of sorts. The things we do are purposeful, and we aim to make pieces that produce thought. It's not pretension. It's simply playing to human curiosities.

It's 4am. I'm cold. Depressed. Isolated. About time for me to head down to the couch to avoid being ravaged by bed bugs in my stupid shitbox room. Moving out soon. Maybe rebuild some walls? Who knows.

More involved music writing soon, hopefully. I just need to belch it out so I can tighten up my words. Music rules, ok.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Waiting for...something.

Here we are, back again. Can't same to get a handle on writing this stuff regularly. Been outta a brain scorching semester for about a month. Got 2 more classes to go and I'm out into the world, finding myself...or something like that. If I haven't found IT yet, I don't think I ever will.

Leaving for Bored Straight tour in 5 days. Going to the Southwest for the first time. All the shows are booked before we are on the road. That's a new one. The records are still awol, though. Waiting on a small batch Test Presses, since we knew the entire lot would be a longshot. Now it's a nail biter to see if the Tests will make it in time.

This will be the final BS tour. Nicolai's heading out elsewhere. Looks like Duluth, but I don't know the final verdict on it. There'll be shows through the rest of the summer and maybe the occasional soiree after that. Glad we're only gonna hafta move 300 7"s and not 300 LP's.

Here's some randomness:

1. Bored Games - Joe 90 (Who Killed Colonel Mustard 12" EP/Flying Nun/ 1982). One of the tops outta New Zealand. Not as recognized as The Clean or The Chills or some others, but that's fine. I'd rather not read every hip pub. spouting about how some new lamebrains are copping the Kiwi sounds of the Bored Games. Punker than a lot of their Kiwi contemporaries. Probably the best thing Shayne Carter ever did.

2. Die Kreuzen - Don't Say Please (Cows and Beer 7"/Version Sound/ 1982). After much deliberation, I can't find any reason why Cows and Beer wouldn't be the top of the heap of WI hardcore 7"s. Flawless. Top 5 all time hardcore record. I'd rather not say much cuz words can't approach it. Just listen, dummy.

3. Television Personalities - Magnificent Dreams (Mummy Your Not Watching Me/ Whaam!/1982). So many have tried to tap into that Dan Treacy style, and most fail. The guy really locked into a genius groove for a good chunk of years. Up to the mid-80's, the TVPs were pretty much gold. After that, I'm not all that jazzed by 'em. Those early recs though, solid punk pop.

4. Morrisey - Yes, I Am Blind (Bona Drag/Sire/1990). Sometimes I think that I like Moz more solo than with The Smiths. But overall it's the fact that I like certain chunks of songs by both, but whole albums don't usually pull me in. This one's a slower number, typical of his early solo stuff. Sounds quite a bit like The Smiths, but less distinct guitar than Johnny woulda plunked out. You get the typical lyrical odd lines to make you think deeper into the song. Blah blah. Woulda rather been listening to "Suedehead."

5. Days Of... - Dream Girl (info on this one's hard to find). Found out about these guys in an article that Brian Walsby wrote for Left Of The Dial magazine, close to 10 years ago. Took quite a few years of searching to find the mp3s. Still haven't seen the actual record. Off the top of my head, can't even tell ya the title. Very Rites Of Spring/ Revolution Summer derived. Not at the ROS level, but good nonetheless. Featured Scott from Double Negative, maybe Kevin too. Sounds like his vocals. Fuck, I need to get my hands on this record.

6. Smoking Popes - Brand New Hairstyle (Inoculator EP/ Radius Records/ 1991). I've always been into these guys. The first show that got me outside of my hometown area was to see 'em with Alligator Gun at the Concert Cafe in Green Bay. This song's on a different level from the rest of their stuff. It's got a rawness that isn't found elsewhere in their catalog. Catchy too. Someone place the vinyl in my hands. Thanks. If time allowed, I could regal ya with some dumb tales of seeing them at a Christmas show (Wolfie ruled, whereas Karate put me to sleep on my feet), but I'll keep it to myself and move on.

7. Nada Surf - Hollywood (High/Low/ Elektra Records /1996). I really liked "Popular" when it was all over MTV throughout my HS years. Glad to find out that the rest of the record is solid 90's alt-rock. Can't say I care about the later stuff at all, but this record's great.

8. Avon Ladies - Arcadia Mom (demo/no label/20--). The notorious Chris Erba returns to the mic. Definitely the most immediately likeable thing I've heard him do. Thought I heard the lineup was him fronting Pigeon Religion, but I'm not sure. Regardless, it's great shit. Bass thud pulling along, guitar feedback n' squawk, demented vocals without sounding contrived. Great band.

9. TSOL - Black Magic (Change Today?/Enigma Records/1984). Bought this record when I was 16 and hated it. I just wasn't ready for it. Here we are, some years later, and it's sounding great to me. Deathrock with some post punk, and a little twang. It's a damn shame the later TSOL stuff's got such a bad rep, cuz people are really missing out. Ahh, who'm I kidding. Most people have shit taste.

10. NukkeHammer - Savage Winter (demo/ no label/ 20--). I don't understand the appeal of this band. The sea of D-beat is a deep one to wade through. Maybe I gotta catch 'em live?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cold Marching.

Here we are again. School's winding down and that's always good. Two classes to go once I get the present junk over with.

It's almost May and still cold here. I hate it, but am not at all surprised by it.

There should be a new Bored Straight 7" sometime in June. Tour of the Southwest to follow.

Bought a Gauze bootleg today that has the same tracks on the B-side as the boot of Fuckheads that came out in recent years. Needed the A-side songs. It's fucking Gauze. No questions asked.

New shit that's eating at my eardrums: Folded Shirt - LP; Avon Ladies - Demo; Raw Nerve - New LP; Milk Music - Beyond Living; Sweet Tooth - Japanese Void 7"; Neon Blud - B Girls.

Anxiously awaiting: new Puerto Rico Flowers record; Neon Blud records.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More pics. Why not?



Cola Freaks.


Holy Shit.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wake up.

Still working on this here blog. Not planning on consistency anytime soon. Too busy avoiding my homework, which is basically a full time job. Maybe I'll just throw some pictures up for a while.

Monday, August 23, 2010

In My (Stuffy) Head

Summer. Got a cold. Or is it allergies. No idea. Alls I know is I'm swimming through the clouds on this here syrup. Gonna hit the pillow for a little coma-doze.

Went on tour recently. Threw down a few hundred on records. I mean, isn't that one of the primary reasons for touring anyway? Had a coupla Iron Cross 7"s in my fingers. Sure they're crap records, but romantic ones at that. Mr. Epp, Fuck Ups, stared 'em in the face too. Couldn't pull the trigger. Knew it'd be another day, another city, another record store for the duration of tour. Spoiled Brats - Rip Off 7" probably being my top grab for the time spent digging. Scratch that, first Helmet 7" for $10. Never seen it before, never thought I'd find it, especially not for that price.

So what's tickling my eardrums these days? Puerto Rico Flowers 7" and 12" are jaw droppers. That new-ish Zola Jesus 12"EP kills too. Picked up a Zoogz Rift LP, along with Eddy Grant "Electric Avenue" and Byrds "So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star" 7"s. Great day. Ceremony (not the Bridge 9 band) LP, new Drunkdriver, Broken Water, Wild America demo and 7". All winners.

One day I'll post regularly. Maybe.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Chilled to the bone.

It's 5am. Still ain't tired. Horseshit, I know.

'09 is newly dead. Another great year for music. Really though, is there ever a BAD year? Kinda feel that if you think it was a bad year, then YOU weren't looking hard enough. You're probably just a dried up old twat or something, with shit taste.

Not exactly active on this ole blog. Not all that active across the board. Real into any old thing that'll waste my time and have no constructive impact. Guess I'll just make a preliminary list of 2009's shakers and movers.

Cult Ritual. Mika Miko. Kurt Vile (all 3). Cat Party. Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Dry Rot. Francis Harold and The Holograms. Home Blitz. Tyvek. Twin Stumps. Vivian Girls. Electric Bunnies. Pissed Jeans. Psychedelic Horseshit. Homostupids. Scrotum Poles. Medication.

Black Randy and The Metrosquad. Raincoats. Agnostic Front. Feelies. Flipper. Faust. Jesus Lizard. Vaselines. Television Personalities.

Ecoli. Broken Water. Witches. Wild Thing. Condominium. Raw Nerve. Failures. Fresh Meat. Middle America. Mika Miko. Watery Love.

At some point soon I'll break it down to facts and figures. Hash out numbered list, like a real nerd. Give y'all a bit more to chew on.